My work draws upon a very traditional style of painting koi fish but places them in a very contemporary setting for the modern market.

They are all based around Feng Shui with all numbers of fish totalling to 8 or 9, no matter the size or number of fish drawing upon the beliefs of Prosperity. They primarily swim north and seem to move with a constant flow just like the water elements in Feng Shui. Further to this, these pieces aim to capture the viewer and take them on an emotional experience of calm and inner peace. With the complex hand layering of each hand painted pebble on such a large scale, my aim is to involve the viewer to make them feel part of the organic experience when they stand before it.

When on a wall with external light the painting seems to take on a three- dimensional effect with various light plays in order to have the viewer feel like they are looking down upon a koi pond as they would in real life.

This is an intentional effect. I have an affinity with water, I believe as human beings we all do, this is why we fight to build constructions to be near the water or immerse ourselves within it. When capturing the nature of water in this way, with my multi-layering effects and perspectives, my work has a feeling of being alive and the viewer feels like they are looking at a totally different painting during the day to the very three dimensional painting they will view at night under external lights.

The seemingly ballet like dancing of the koi fish with whimsical whips of their translucent tails, invites viewers to observe… yet they cannot look away as each fish is designed to guide the viewer’s eyes back to the painting so they can truly feel movement and a sense of flow in each piece.

In our busy world we want to look upon this work and breathe deeply. It makes us feel good, there is a passion ignited. It is pure escapism when we cannot escape from our daily lives. Entwine yourself and let them captivate you and invite you in to the cool waters to a world that escapes the hectic nature of our lives to rest, relax and enjoy the tranquillity.

My collection is focused on drawing in positive energy and prosperity in all areas of your life, hence it is known as the ‘Prosperity Collection’.

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